Did you know there is such a thing as review blackmail?.

Terrific, you started a business.

All your life you dreamed of this very moment.

You worked hard, you saved, you borrowed and possibly begged.


And you are now open, dreams can come true.

At this point 411 information online wants to congratulate you.

This is a Hugh milestone, and you should be very proud of yourself,

not a lot of people make it this far.


So, now what? Long hours, hard work, and of course trying to make sure each and every

single custom is a happy one. And comes back to you time and time again.

Or hopefully recommends you to their friends and family growing your customer base.

Creating a successful business for you and your family.



For us, breaking in to the directory space was a tough one.

Just like what ever business you are entering.

There is a lot of competition ,and “like businesses” already out there.

We started having a major competitor in our space.

Driving negative reviews, and creating a poor outlook for our business.

As we grew, we came to find out. Competitors running a smear campaign is common.



Not just for us in our space.

However this issue exists for practically every business out there right now.

The competitor issue aside.

There is also something called “review blackmail”.

The term is just as ugly sounding as the process.

It is much much worse then the innocent sounding and feeling of

Hey give me a discount and I promise to leave a positive review”.

Or “Hey can I pay cash to save some money”.

Most of us have heard those pitches from our customers.

And who can really blame someone for wanting to save a buck or two.

Handle these as you please, however.



This "Review black mail” is something very different.

And comes in a few styles, one typically sounds like this,

Im not a happy customer, fix this or that, give me something for free or

I will tell as many people as I can that you are a bad business".


And here is the even more ugly second style.

You get a message out of the blue on messenger, email or even a phone call.

From someone you never served or provided goods or service to.

Demanding money or they will target and leave several one star

reviews torpedo-ing your business.

Yes yes I was just as shocked.

And upon further investigation, this does actually happen.

And unfortunately quite often. To where is now has its own Phrase “Review Blackmail”.


Is your business strong enough to handle a full on-slight of negative reviews.

Do you wonder if these one stars could effect your google ranking.

Here is a video on that very question https://youtu.be/SnzyWlIREWE .

Lets just say for whatever reason the google ranking does not concern you.

I think it should, so do a lot of other business out there.

As we all strive for good ranking of our bushiness to be found by customers searching


Getting found on Google is of most importance when running thinking about your online




As a whole starting your marketing campaign with direction is the key to your success for your brand online.


What is the idea you are trying to convey?


Each and every action you take should revolve around this idea and


grow from that point on.


Reading this will help you grow your idea, connect all the moving parts and connect it


all together to create the brand, and idea you want your customers to understand and believe.




If you wanted a quick over view of some online marketing basics Please feel free to read

our post on the subject here beginners-guide-online-marketing




Anyway, how would you address these online review thugs.

Pay them? Ignore them? Lets think, if you pay them,

who is to say they don't came back in a few months and do it again.

Chances are that is exactly what will happen.

The way the thugs will think of it is that you are easy and paid once so why would you

not a second or third time.

We can not tell you how you should proceed.

Your online brand is so very important to your business.

We can appreciate just how difficult this could be for you.

When were were being attacked ourselves it was extremely difficult,

frustrating, and depressing.



Dealing with negative customers, and turning them around.

Is a positive in our and hopefully your business.

Not every customer is going to be 100 percent satisfied.

Taking that unhappy customer, and being able to turn them around.

Is a win, and feels great. We take great pleasure in that when it happens here.

If you can turn a negative into a positive you will see.

You will see how rewarding it can feel. As for the Review blackmailing here are some

great links on how to deal with them if you are the unfortunate recepitent of one.









This and our personal experience is the reason we do not,

and will not ever allow reviews on any of our sites.

For any of our business customer profiles.



We understand, we’ve been there ourselves.

The new way of marketing basically sucks.

And it has pretty much taken over the marketing of your business.

And placed it in the hands of the general public. Or worse your business competition

Even if you had an issue 5 years ago. And have taken steps to resolve that issue.

Those reviews can sit, unfairly for years to come. Tainting the public about your business.




Again, we at your local 411 and 411 information online will not allow “reviews” on

our platform. We believe you should be able to market your business how you think is

best. Tell you story, share you believes, and share your thoughts on what makes your

business special. You worked hard to bring your business to life. Do not let someone

else bring it down.



We have 3 different web directories to advertising and market your business in.

We will link to all of our listings we created for you.

Helping drive your SEO you have with us.


As well and link to some of your other listings,

or places you may already have a profile with.




411 information online get your business listed today.


And never worry about negative reviews effecting your business with us, ever.















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